The Most Energy-Efficient Two-Burner Cooktop – 2015


Cooking becomes much easier with Induction cooktops. It saves time, energy, and money. Instead of cooking on gas stoves, people are now favoring induction cooktops. Restaurant chefs and other cooks who are employed in 5 star hotels prefer to use induction cooktop because it cooks faster and offer a wide range for cooking items. One of the most energy efficient and dynamic cooktops with two burners is the True Induction S2F2 Cooktop. Let me share the uniqueness of this Cooktop.

What Special Features Does the True Induction S2F2 Cooktop Possess?

The uniqueness of the Cooktop:

  • It is a dual burner with power sharing system.
  • It has the capacity to recognize overheating or when no pot is detected in the cooktop.
  • The Cooktop is 90 percent energy efficient.
  • To cook precisely, the functioning of timer and setting of accurate temperature plays a pivotal role.
  • The device is capable of melting chocolate without a double boiler. It is quite simple to use the touch control button.
  • The overall width of the cooktop is 12.125 inches.
  • The height and length of the cooktop is 2.5 x 23.625 inches.
  • The cooktop weigh 11.2 pounds. The two burners have 1800 watts.

Detail Description of the Product

It is perhaps one of the best Portable cooktop, the reason I gifted my old time favourite gas stove. The cooktop is made with glossy design that offers the prefect union. The heating temperature varies from 150 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit, but the temperature does not cover to entire cooktop, just the pot area. You can select the temperature depending on your dishes. As you turn the two burners on, the device will automatically balance the available Watt depending on the heat setting. For your convenience, the touch button is located at the top of the cooktop, so that there is no difficulty in finding the knobs or the functions. There is no divider, plastic or lid on the surface except for one piece of solid glass. For these reasons, cleaning the cooktop becomes quick, simple and easy.

All types of pots are not compatible to cook in this cooktop. In order to cook in this cooktop, a cookware made of magnetic materials should be used. Most compatible pots generally have flat bottoms with a diameter of 4.5 inches to 10 inches. To know the compatibility of the pot, try sticking a magnet to the bottom of your pot, in case it does not stick to the pot, the pot is not induction compatible.

Final statement

The cooktop has 90 percent energy efficiency that promotes cooking different items. It allows me to cook a variety of dishes. Since the cooktop does not emit flame it is an eco-friendly product. The device is perfectly suited for use in any place that has electricity. Another great advantage of the cooktop is that it is easily portable. So, for all of these beneficial points, I rank this cooktop as one of the best among two-burner induction cooktops. Visit here for more choice and reviews of the latest available cooktops in the market.


Compared to other cooktops, I prefer to use True Induction S2F2 Cooktop for possessing the best features. Moreover, the variety range of temperature allows me to cook different items. One important factor is that the accuracy of the temperature setting and functioning of the timer in this cooktop is rarely found in other cooktops. All these positive points give me immense help in cooking. So, if you are looking for a cooktop, go for True Induction S2F2 Cooktop.

Three Different Types Of Cooktop

In today’s world, a cooktop is one of the most essential and frequently used appliance in every modern kitchen. Unlike traditional stoves, cooktops are installed in kitchen countertops for a contemporary look. Cooktops have better features and other benefits when compared with other cooking methods.

The Three Types of Cooktops

Modern cooktops that are available in the present market are mostly categorized into three main types: Induction cooktop, Electric cooktop, and Gas cooktop.


The Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktop requires electrical power to run the device, however, it’s different from an electric cooktop. Induction cooking is unique and efficient; it will only heat up the vessel or cookware and the contents in it, but not the cooking surface. This is not same in the case of other conventional cooktops like gas and electric cooktops that have open flame cooking or radiant heating elements in it.

Induction cooktops consume less power, therefore, it is energy efficient cooktop, eco-friendly, and could be branded as the safest method of cooking. Induction cooking is without open flame, instead, it uses electromagnetic technology for cooking. Therefore, it will cook much faster and the heat is powerful and intense, and can be adjusted as per your requirements.

Induction cooktops are equipped with better features and functions such as, precise temperature control, pan sense to detect and appropriate cookware, child lock features, anti overspills detection, auto switch off and lots more, which made induction cooktop the best choice for multipurpose cooking.

The Electric Cooktop

Electric cooktops are the kind of cooktops that are equipped with radiant heat elements which are built underneath the cooking surface. It’s crafted with ceramic glass or stainless steel and porcelain cooking surface,so cleaning electric cooktop is quite easy and maintenance is never a problem.

Electric cooktops mostly have two to four or five burners or heating elements for cooking different types of dishes for the family. The electric cooktop is further classified into two types: the Electric coil cooktop and the Electric smoothtop.

The Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktop is one of the older versions of cooktops and usually have open flame burners or a visible cooking flame. The burners are highly powerful and precise in producing excellent heat for cooking any kinds of dishes.

The conventional gas stoves are different from that of the gas cooktops that are available today. Gas cooktops are also available in smooth ceramic glass tops, with many other features.

With gas cooktop you will require natural gas or propane gas or butane gas to run the device smoothly. Therefore, a regulator or conversion kit is necessary to connect the gas with your cooktop.

Cooktops that are mentioned above can assist you and your family in your kitchen and you may even experience the comfort and pleasure of cooking and eating home-cooked food.

Choices and preferences for a particular cooktop will greatly depend on your needs or your family’s requirements, but regardless of which type of cooktop you install in your kitchen, a cooktop sure is a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

Thermador 30 inch Masterpiece Series Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktop is one of the most frequently used cooktop in every kitchen. Today, with the advancement of technology, gas cooktops are no longer dull and unattractive, like traditional gas stoves were. Instead, there are very appealing and eye-catching design and models of gas cooktops available in the market now.

thermoterThere are various brands that manufacture highly efficient and powerful gas cooktops. Competitions are round the corner. So, gas cooktops are never behind in terms of design, shape, and features.

Thermador is a unique and famous brand, specialized in producing excellent gas cooktop. The Masterpiece series of gas cooktop is one of their best productions, which is in great demand all over the market. They have also won many awards.

Some of the most Striking Features include the following:

The Masterpiece series of gas cooktop Model No. SGSX305FS is a 30inch cooktop. It has five burners all together, two powerful burners on each side (with 8000 & 10000 BTU of each) and one burner is mounted at the front centre with the power of 16000 BTU. Total BTU of 52000, this makes the cooktop highly effective for heating and suits any cooking event.

Thermador gas cooktop features unparalleled performance with the efficiency of the Star burner, which are incorporated in the unit for producing amazing and powerful heat for cooking. Infact, it’s Thermador who set the standard in this range. The patented Star burners have a unique shape and it delivers sophisticated style and outstanding cooking performance.

Thermador gas cooktop is a masterpiece in design, because of the chiseled edges and a trapezoid control panel, which are integrated so perfectly.

The control panels have metal knobs with blue progressive illumination that indicates the position of the burner.

For heating delicate sauces and for melting chocolates, Thermador features variety of temperature control settings like the simmer, and cycling the burner as low as 100 degrees. The extra low burner is another unique feature of this cooktop.

Thermador gas cooktop offers superior flame distribution and it reduces the center cold spot. Other gas cooktops usually have round burners, which are less effective in delivering heat. In most of the Electric cooktops the burners are sealed within the cooking surface. But the electric coil cooktops are different.

The Thermador gas cooktop is a Star-K certified appliance. It can also be used in Sabbath mode in order to keep the food warm for long hours to time. This gives you the freedom to eat anytime or whenever you are ready.

Thermador kitchen appliances consistently win the industry’s most prestigious awards for design, engineering and performance. The masterpiece series of gas cooktop is one of them. Thermador signature gas cooktops are beautiful, functional and efficient as well.

If you are looking for an excellent gas cooktop for your family, you may consider this particular model or choose other models like the 36 inch gas cooktop of the same brand.

Induction Cooking Method For Delicious Food And Good Health

Everybody wants to eat and experience the taste of mouth watering dishes for a healthy life. But, the only problem is, not everyone enjoy cooking.

With the introduction of Induction cooktop, cooking is no longer hard and tedious. Induction cooking technology has revolutionized and brought about the pleasure, comfort, and convenience in cooking. Nutritious and balanced meal is at hand.

How Does Induction Cooktops Work?








Induction cooktop uses an electromagnetic field to heat up the cookware or the cooking vessel directly and not the cooking surface. When the cooktop is connected to a power supply, the heat passes through the vessel without wasting any energy.

Therefore, latest Induction cooktop models are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe to use. The cooking element or the burner will cool down as soon as the power supply is cut or when cooking is done. The cooking surface and the environment of the kitchen continues to remain cool even while it’s cooking.

Some of the Advantages of using Induction cooktop

  • No matter what kind of food or fruits you eat or drink, if the method of preparation is incorrect, it will not retain any minerals and vitamins that are present in the food. Therefore, it’s highly important to know and to prepare food at the right temperature. With top induction cooktop you will not face any difficulty in preparing food at the correct temperature because it’s incorporated with a precise heating system that can be adjusted or programmed as per the type of food you are intending to cook.
  • Induction cooking has become one of the most preferred methods of cooking for  homemakers, cooking professionals, and chefs who are concerned about health.
  • Food preparation is much easier, simpler, and more efficient when using induction cooktop than through other cooktops like a gas stove that are available in the market.
  • Induction cooking technology will enable you to prepare food for your family in much faster and quicker time than other cooking methods.
  • Induction cooking is quite safe in terms of power consumption and other safety measures. It uses very little power, and it’s instantly responsive, non-polluting, safe to touch and easy to clean and maintain as well.
  • Induction cooktops also has the ability to detect or sense compatible cookwares when placed on the top of the heating element. If the vessels are not compatible or not magnetic, it will not generate heat for cooking. Therefore, you need to place appropriate cookware for effective cooking.

Therefore, use Induction cooktops for preparing delicious meals or dishes for yourself and for the family, food fest, and experience the pleasure & comfort, and adopt healthier cooking techniques with Induction cooktop for good health and better life.