Must Have Accessories for Your Fire Pits

Since I cover log rack and fire-pit in my previous post I’d like to share some of the accessories that goes well with them. Fire pits are of different shapes and sizes. Some fire pits are triangular, some are square, some are round, and still, some have hexed shaped fire pits. Some fire pits are very big and heavy while some others are light and portable. Whatever the case, we need accessories for style, comfort and safety.




Some of the must have accessories you should check out before you buy:

  • Fire screen for protection from sparks
  • Fire tools like tongs and fire poker
  • Wood rack for neat storage of wood
  • Fire grates for better circulation of air
  • Grills for roasting or cooking

Fire screen guard is an essential item to keep you entertained without disturbances from sparks. It not only protects you from sparks but it also keeps you safe from fire spreading to other places on windy days. It is not impressive to have burnt holes in your expensive clothes from sparks. With this screen guard, sparks are efficiently contained in the fire pit and you don’t have to worry about random flying and spreading of ashes around the fire pit.

When the fire in your fire pit is dying, you need to refuel it from time to time and therefore; fire tools play a significant role to continue with your entertainment. You need to move logs for better circulation of air in the fire pit to get the true ambience of fire. You also need to lift up the screen for refueling and in such cases, fire tools comes very handy.

It is not impressive to randomly place wood here and there in your beautiful backyard or garden and it is for this reason that you need a wood rack to store it neat and clean. Storing wood in a rack is more comfortable to grab and make fire or refuel. However, style varies and so you may choose the style of your choice.

Some manufacturers offer fire grates with the fire pits while some do not, but if it is not included, you should get it from other stores, which is sold separately. The advantage of fire grate in your fire pit is that it enables you to enjoy the warmth without much smoke because the grate provides space for air to circulate within the pit.

Not all types of fire pits come with grills, but still you can get it or make one for yourself. Sometimes we need or want to take fire pits along with us in our camping trips and in such a situation, we can use the grills to roast hot dogs, melt marshmallows, or sear meat on it giving your feast a fine boost.

Safety and comfort is top priority to consider before buying any fire pit. If you don’t get all the accessories from the manufacturer, don’t hesitate to invest a few more dollars to buy it from other stores so that your enjoyment in the warm heat is not curtailed due to lack of it. Accessorize your fire pit so that you can keep enjoying the sight of starry nights on a moonlit night with your fire pit in the middle to warm you. Well, I guess we’re all set for some outdoor cooking. Foods cooked over Fire-pit are yummy, healthy and nutritious.

Panacea Deluxe Log Rack 15203 – Firm & Sturdy


I love relaxing by the fireplace; especially during winter season. I sip my morning tea at the fireplace and at night, my family could cuddle around the fireplace either for good music or  chit-chat time. I really enjoy this family time and it has become a normal routine for me. At times, I light up my portable fire pit at the patio and have dinner or even entertain my guest; and to my satisfaction, they also love it. It is also a perfect escape from using induction cooktop. Just recently, I visited a friend of mine and noticed a log rack on their backyard. It supports a good number of logs and looks firm and sturdy, which caught my attention. The very next day, all I did was start looking for a log rack at Amazon. I spent a little time on research and after reading some reviews, I decided on Panacea 15203 Deluxe Log Rack.

Earlier, I just store my wood logs at the backyard or when it rains, I store it at the store house. But without a rack, it was all mess and much to my disappointment, it became a home for pests and insects. After purchasing my log rack, everything is in place and order. Now I can stack up the wood logs nicely on the rack and let it dry at the backyard. Even if it rains, I can use a cover so no serious issue.


Some Specifications You Might Want to Know

  • Log rack for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Designed for durability with strong and sturdy steel.
  • Coated paint finish for rust free and added durability.
  • Racks above the ground to save logs from water and pests.
  • Medium size log rack that can hold wood logs of different sizes.
  • Available in two different sizes, 4 feet long and 8 feet long.
  • Dimension for 4 feet and 8 feet are 48 x 14 x 48 (l x w x h) inches and 96 x 14 x 48 inches respectively.
  • The 4 feet rack weighs 17 pounds while the 8 feet rack weighs 23 pounds.
  • You can fix and install the rack easily.

Why the Need for A Log Rack?

Dried woodis much easier to burn and it also produces lesser smoke, makeing your chimney cleaner too. The log rack is specially designed for storing wood and to let it dry easily. Storing wood logs on the rack will consume lesser space and help create cleaner environment. When it rains, you can cover the wood with the help of a cover and since the racks are above the ground, the woods are always safe from water. You will always have dry wood to burn during those cold seasons and keep yourself warm. The Panacea Deluxe Log Rack is made of 1.25 inches tubular sturdy steel and thus will firmly hold the logs even when you fill the log rack to the maximum.

Healthy Living; It’s a Lifestyle We All Wish


Living a healthy life is all about the habits we cultivate through our lifetime. Healthy habits make a healthy life. It is not just about eating the so called healthy food items. Eating according to the kind of exercise we get is very important in the sense that, consuming wholesome cereals and vegetables do not automatically ensure the best health. If we are unable to maintain a healthy routine, our body cannot function in a healthy manner. For example eating rich food and having adequate exercise will only accumulate excess fats in our body which will in turn hinder the smooth circulation of blood in the blood streams.

The necessity of a balanced diet

A balanced diet is something that we all are well aware of. And what we must in fact consider before our concerns about a balanced diet is the balance between the energy we spent and the food we take in. There is wide variation between the different kinds of work that people toil in. Being healthy also means allowing your body to have its normal flow. But for the whole body to function in a fluid manner, our mind needs to regulate it well. That is what we say well being.

Exercise Regimes for a Well Being

And that is why we need a number of exercise regimes and routines that is meant to ease our mind which will in turn enhance our nerves. Nerves are the regulating networks that are spread all over our body. Among the health conscious, especially the elderly, routines like yoga and aerobics are a big catch. For elders whose bodies have begun to wear out and reduced it resilience from day to day toils, they seek the relieving feeling of yoga. Unlike youngsters most elders prefer not to jump and dance to the music of aerobics. Well, of course yoga stretches have equal stimulating powers as the aerobic moves.

Yoga is in fact gaining wide prominence even among the celebrities who go try to combat with a mass of daily stress and strain. Moreover, their obsession over staying fit and fashionable enough has turned the practice of yoga into one of the most exclusive lifestyle factors even in the celebrity world. Even dancers like yoga stretches to improve their flexibility and to be able to relax and heal their strain.

Aerobics also known as a sport has gained worldwide popularity too. It has a rhythmic move and stretches than can help boost the co-ordination of our movements. With growing prominence, there are a good many fantastic choreographers emerging. So don’t miss taking this fun way of working out with booming music either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor aerobics is the more preferable so shake it up with one of your favorite portable Bluetooth speakers. The energetic physical movement is recommendable for youngsters especially kids and therefore many schools and educational institutes have incorporated such activity in their curriculum.



Well, healthy living goes hand in hand with healthy lifestyle. To ensure a healthy life, adequate exercise routines, along with a healthy diet, are essential. Make your way to healthier food habits, and working habits too. If you drink, drink for health. And, take care you are not sleep deprived. However trivial or grave a decision it is for you to make, now is the time to start making the correct choices. Wishing you a healthy life!

Food And Music: A Perfect Match

Food is one of the most basic needs for mankind. It’s almost impossible for us to survive without food. Lovers of music will agree with me when I say, a day without music is unthinkable. The thirst and hunger for food and music are related.

The sweet sound of music can move and touch people’s life, so is the aroma and taste of food will easily cause your mouth to water and improve your appetite.

How Is Music And Cooking Connected?  

disc_forksIn this busy and fast world, people have a very limited time for cooking and leisure. With the introduction of fast food, individuals and families are limiting themselves from experiencing the gift and pleasure of cooking.

Time is one of the most important factors for a successful and healthy life. Therefore, it’s highly important for us to utilize and manage time wisely. If you don’t know how to make use of your time properly you will not be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

Cooking professional, housewives and chefs would love to prepare different kinds of dishes or food for the family with the music being played at the background. Music heightens the process of cooking, and it will also make the person to enjoy the hobby of cooking.

Music is to cooking like sugar is to tea. Listening music injects a level of energy and creativity; it simply adds fuel to cooking. No matter, how tough or challenging

is to prepare different dishes, music will boost and help you to enjoy every bit of cooking.

Today’s modern kitchens are fully equipped with the most innovative audio systems and devices such as the wireless Bluetooth speakers. How simple and easy it is to install music systems in your kitchen. With Bluetooth speakers you can listen to your favorite music in any of your room. The NFC and Bluetooth technology will instantly sync or pair with your Smartphone for listening music wirelessly.

If you wish to know how to choose the best and the most reliable wireless speaker for your kitchen or for your personal use, log on to and read article & reviews about different types of Bluetooth speakers. Make sure to choose the most appropriate and efficient speaker that will fit the most for your kitchen. Click here to view some of the best videos on portable Bluetooth speakers.

After installing Bluetooth speakers in your kitchen, cooking will longer be boring. Preparing different recipes and dishes for your family will be interesting with the music at the background. You can quickly change the tract or listen to any type of music at the touch of a button.

Why Restaurants, Cafeterias and Hotels Keep the Music On?    

food_and_musicMusic plays a very important part in creating a perfect ambiance for any dinner parties. It will also improve your eating experience. Delicious meal is much more than just eating food. The environment and the atmosphere of the restaurant will have a great impact on the food and for a memorable experience.

For example, drinking wine or having meal with the music on in the restaurant will surely create a different experience than just eating or drinking at home.

It is also said that, Music or sound is the cutting edge for food presentation. Music is the modulating taste for food. Therefore, you will see that in most of the restaurants, music is often played at the background when the customers come to dine.

The connection between music and food can be looked at from various angles. No doubt, music and sound can change the way we eat and also influence the taste of food. Music can make your feet to dancing while you continue copping vegetable and food items for preparing delicious meal for the whole family.

Music from a high end sound can boost the taste and sweetness in food, whereas dull and boring music can affect your taste and appetite. Therefore, music plays an important role in creating a wonder and memorable cooking and eating experience.

The Most Energy-Efficient Two-Burner Cooktop – 2015


Cooking becomes much easier with Induction cooktops. It saves time, energy, and money. Instead of cooking on gas stoves, people are now favoring induction cooktops. Restaurant chefs and other cooks who are employed in 5 star hotels prefer to use induction cooktop because it cooks faster and offer a wide range for cooking items. One of the most energy efficient and dynamic cooktops with two burners is the True Induction S2F2 Cooktop. Let me share the uniqueness of this Cooktop.

What Special Features Does the True Induction S2F2 Cooktop Possess?

The uniqueness of the Cooktop:

  • It is a dual burner with power sharing system.
  • It has the capacity to recognize overheating or when no pot is detected in the cooktop.
  • The Cooktop is 90 percent energy efficient.
  • To cook precisely, the functioning of timer and setting of accurate temperature plays a pivotal role.
  • The device is capable of melting chocolate without a double boiler. It is quite simple to use the touch control button.
  • The overall width of the cooktop is 12.125 inches.
  • The height and length of the cooktop is 2.5 x 23.625 inches.
  • The cooktop weigh 11.2 pounds. The two burners have 1800 watts.

Detail Description of the Product

It is perhaps one of the best Portable cooktop, the reason I gifted my old time favourite gas stove. The cooktop is made with glossy design that offers the prefect union. The heating temperature varies from 150 degree Fahrenheit to 450 degree Fahrenheit, but the temperature does not cover to entire cooktop, just the pot area. You can select the temperature depending on your dishes. As you turn the two burners on, the device will automatically balance the available Watt depending on the heat setting. For your convenience, the touch button is located at the top of the cooktop, so that there is no difficulty in finding the knobs or the functions. There is no divider, plastic or lid on the surface except for one piece of solid glass. For these reasons, cleaning the cooktop becomes quick, simple and easy.

All types of pots are not compatible to cook in this cooktop. In order to cook in this cooktop, a cookware made of magnetic materials should be used. Most compatible pots generally have flat bottoms with a diameter of 4.5 inches to 10 inches. To know the compatibility of the pot, try sticking a magnet to the bottom of your pot, in case it does not stick to the pot, the pot is not induction compatible.

Final statement

The cooktop has 90 percent energy efficiency that promotes cooking different items. It allows me to cook a variety of dishes. Since the cooktop does not emit flame it is an eco-friendly product. The device is perfectly suited for use in any place that has electricity. Another great advantage of the cooktop is that it is easily portable. So, for all of these beneficial points, I rank this cooktop as one of the best among two-burner induction cooktops. Visit here for more choice and reviews of the latest available cooktops in the market.


Compared to other cooktops, I prefer to use True Induction S2F2 Cooktop for possessing the best features. Moreover, the variety range of temperature allows me to cook different items. One important factor is that the accuracy of the temperature setting and functioning of the timer in this cooktop is rarely found in other cooktops. All these positive points give me immense help in cooking. So, if you are looking for a cooktop, go for True Induction S2F2 Cooktop.