Do You Drink as the French Do For Your Health Benefits?

Have you ever experienced seeing the whole room spinning after drinking wine in a wild party? If not, have you ever inserted your fingers in your mouth trying to vomit after totally getting drunk? Well, if so, your drinking habit is killing you because you don’t get the excitement of drinking by forcing more than what your health can bear.

Drinking Habits of the French

bordeauxwine-franceFrance is one of the leading manufacturers of the best wines in the world and although they do drink wine, most of them don’t drink more than what is beneficial for their health and probably that’s the reason why they have less coronary heart disease; the benefits of drinking red wine.


One cardiologist who works in the University of Bordeaux recommended usage of wine at 200 to 300ml of wine in a day so that there is less risk of heart related diseases by 40%.

Scientists have researched time and again to claim that alcohol content in wine is beneficial for dilating the arteries to prevent clogging of blood vessels when taken in the right quantity. In 1995, the British Medical Journal published the Copenhagen Heart Study of Denmark, which included 24,000 men and women for a span of twelve years. The report of their analysis found that wine has beneficial effects to reduce all causes of mortality.

Which Wine Should You Choose— Red or White?


Both red wine and white wine are good, but red wine contains more phytonutrients, which are rich in anti-oxidants whereas white wine has lower ethanol alcohol. If you want to live longer, you should drink wine with healthy foods prepared out of your cooktop in your kitchen. If you drink one or two glass every day, your liver can clean the acetaldehyde without any problem. In all cases, drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins present in the system so that it rehydrates the tissues and cells of your brain. People having liver problem should never indulge in drinking wine. Even if you are a regular drinker, you should not go beyond the prescribed limits.

My Personal Views

Excess of everything is bad as the saying goes and so is consumption of wine in excess. Though it has many beneficial effects, it could be the worst enemy of your liver when you consume more than what your liver can take. A small quantity of ethanol alcohol gives us good relaxation. When you are in a tense mood, stressed, or is filled with anxiety, a little bit of wine will do the trick to relieve you. It is a medical tonic for longevity of life if wisely used. For those guys who wants to me more French I’d suggest a trimmer from for your French cut.

If a glass or two of vintage wine is taken with dinner or at any food fest, it helps in digestion; you get more vitamins and minerals besides enhancing your appetite. A traditionally made vintage wine is the best for your health. It is but wise to keep in mind that we drink to live longer otherwise it is just the reverse of what we think. Let us not forget why the French have less coronary heart diseases though they consume wine as others do.