Three Different Types Of Cooktop

In today’s world, a cooktop is one of the most essential and frequently used appliance in every modern kitchen. Unlike traditional stoves, cooktops are installed in kitchen countertops for a contemporary look. Cooktops have better features and other benefits when compared with other cooking methods.

The Three Types of Cooktops

Modern cooktops that are available in the present market are mostly categorized into three main types: Induction cooktop, Electric cooktop, and Gas cooktop.


The Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktop requires electrical power to run the device, however, it’s different from an electric cooktop. Induction cooking is unique and efficient; it will only heat up the vessel or cookware and the contents in it, but not the cooking surface. This is not same in the case of other conventional cooktops like gas and electric cooktops that have open flame cooking or radiant heating elements in it.

Induction cooktops consume less power, therefore, it is energy efficient cooktop, eco-friendly, and could be branded as the safest method of cooking. Induction cooking is without open flame, instead, it uses electromagnetic technology for cooking. Therefore, it will cook much faster and the heat is powerful and intense, and can be adjusted as per your requirements.

Induction cooktops are equipped with better features and functions such as, precise temperature control, pan sense to detect and appropriate cookware, child lock features, anti overspills detection, auto switch off and lots more, which made induction cooktop the best choice for multipurpose cooking.

The Electric Cooktop

Electric cooktops are the kind of cooktops that are equipped with radiant heat elements which are built underneath the cooking surface. It’s crafted with ceramic glass or stainless steel and porcelain cooking surface,so cleaning electric cooktop is quite easy and maintenance is never a problem.

Electric cooktops mostly have two to four or five burners or heating elements for cooking different types of dishes for the family. The electric cooktop is further classified into two types: the Electric coil cooktop and the Electric smoothtop.

The Gas Cooktop

Gas cooktop is one of the older versions of cooktops and usually have open flame burners or a visible cooking flame. The burners are highly powerful and precise in producing excellent heat for cooking any kinds of dishes.

The conventional gas stoves are different from that of the gas cooktops that are available today. Gas cooktops are also available in smooth ceramic glass tops, with many other features.

With gas cooktop you will require natural gas or propane gas or butane gas to run the device smoothly. Therefore, a regulator or conversion kit is necessary to connect the gas with your cooktop.

Cooktops that are mentioned above can assist you and your family in your kitchen and you may even experience the comfort and pleasure of cooking and eating home-cooked food.

Choices and preferences for a particular cooktop will greatly depend on your needs or your family’s requirements, but regardless of which type of cooktop you install in your kitchen, a cooktop sure is a wonderful addition to any kitchen.